This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

★ What's Happy Words? ★
- Play angry-birds style game while the kids recognize new words and pronunciations at the one time!
- Challenge “Boss” level in the game so your kids could practise recognizing words fast and accurately.
- Pop the balloons to learn words spelling!
- Have words ranking, you can know your kid's most favorite words
- Winning game to get over 150 stickers! You can play it in sticker album.
- Make your own flash cards or family photos the funniest ever in album.
- A cutie Sticker Machine you can draw after finish a level!
- keep track of the most popular words for your child- Photo album can be shared in Facebook
- and more...

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Watch user's great work on sticker alubm:

★ What's they said ★
☻”No.1 choice for learning alphabet and vocabulary for your kids.”
☻"Unique 3 in 1 Program: Learning Game, Flash Cards & Sticker Album in a single app"
☻"A complete Educational Games and Activities for learning A to Z"
☻"My kid can recognize the words within a week! Amazing!"